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About us

The Naperville German Language School is a non - profit school which teaches students from pre-Kindergarten through adult ages. We maintain a total of 10 different ability levels, to accommodate all students. Our classes are enriched by conversation, German culture and extra curricular activities, such as our Christmas party, and the celebration of various German holidays and customs.
We believe in learning German and having fun at the same time, which keeps the children interested. A total of 6 professionally qualified teachers instruct our classes.
As proud members of GLSC (German Language School Conference) and PASCH (worldwide network of schools, an initiative designed to awaken interest in young people in modern Germany and the German language) we are committed to providing a positive learning experience, and effective and quality teaching of the German language and culture.

Willkommen zur Deutschen Schule in Naperville!

Welcome to the German Language School of Naperville! I am excited to be back to the same location, Congregation Beth Shalom, on 772 5th Ave, in Naperville. We are able to use 8 classrooms, if needed. This is also very close to downtown Naperville, 2 minutes by car. Parking is plenty.
We are a very active German school, that celebrates German holidays, Lantern Parade in November, St. Nikolaus, Christmas, Karneval, and a Graduation Party at the end of the school year. We also participate in certain German Language tests.
As a friendly reminder, please take a look at the school schedule and mark down special school activities in your calendar, so you will not have any surprises later.
Please drop off and pick up your students on the West side of the building. Feel free to come in anytime. The doors of the congregation are usually locked. Should no one be there to open the door for you, please call my cell phone: 630-624-7853. Also: this is only for the Friday evening classes. The first Friday of each month, we have to leave the building by 6:30PM. Please pick up your students on time.
Our Lantern Parade is scheduled for Friday, November 6, at 5PM. The public is invited. It will take place at the Meeting House of the Naper Settlement, on 523 South Webster Street. Parking is on Webster across from the hall.
Our Christmas Party will be on Saturday, December 12, 3 PM, also at the Settlement.
If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Now I wish you all a successful school year!

Angela Jöstlein, Director
(630) 355-8279

Meet us

If you would like to meet us and other German speaking people please join us at 6 PM every last Thursday of the month for "Stammtisch" (Stammtisch is for Germans a regular 'get together'). Stammtisch locations may vary, so please contact Angela at, or call 630-355-8279.

Support our school

If you would like to contribute to support our school, you are welcome to make a small donation by sending us a check (German Language School Naperville). It will be of great help and will surely be appreciated. Since we are non - profit organization (501 c3), is is also tax deductible.

Comments, suggestions

"Speaking of ... We are very impressed with the class so far. Sabine is doing an incredible job of playing to all of the boy's development levels and the activities she engages them in are truly wonderful! This is, by far, the best program that we've enrolled our son in and it's a bonus that he's working on his German at the same time! Thank you for everything!" - Megan & Elliott Berck